Mark joined Good Habits on the 29th January and has now lost over 10 kilos. Mark recently took a short holiday and was determined to apply Good Habits whilst he was a way and not gain weight. He was delighted with a 1.7 kilo loss! If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything you want!

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When I left the UK over 2 years ago and found life in sunny Dubai means showing your flesh off more often on the beach and by the pool, I decided to try a few of the old diets alone !!! Yes at first I succeeded sheading a stone but with no support I soon found the weight gradually returning.

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It all started when I needed to get my ears syringed for a flight to the UK.

As I had not had this done since I had been in Dubai, the surgery would not let me see the nurse until I had been seen by a doctor. He wanted to know my medical history. Having made some notes, the doctor reviewed my apparent state of health and reckoned apart from being obese………… what!! OBESE! I knew that I was overweight, but had never considered myself obese, after all I walked quite a bit, or so I thought.

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A year ago I was still carrying some baby weight and my son was almost a year old…..time to do something about it!

I did a 9 day cleanse which really made me look at my food choices. I decided I needed to start eating more healthily and shift those baby pounds. My friend suggested I tried Good Habits.

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Having gained approx 21lbs since moving to Dubai in July 2014, I knew I had to do something to get back to a happier and more confident me.

I had reached a point where I couldn’t fit into anything in my wardrobe and I was now buying bigger and bigger size clothing and it was starting to affect my confidence.

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I have always enjoyed keeping myself slim (though my weight has gone up and down in the past) so I frequently visited weight loss clubs in the U.K. to control my weight which worked really well.

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I was not going to be fat and frumpy, I was going to be fit and fabulous.Immediately after the celebrations, I joined Good Habits.

I weighed in at 9st 10lbs, signed up for the SuperSaver to show commitment and threw myself into the plan. 8 weeks later I reached my target of 8st 10lbs, a loss of 14lbs – and I have never looked back since.

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Nick Roberts lost 40.5KG with Good Habits. He has been working on his weight several years and had in the past lost weight and regained it, so he really understands the issues facing people struggling with this problem.

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Two years ago, I made some discoveries. All my T-shirts seemed to be getting shorter – the washing machine might need checking. Then there were the photographs – the camera was lying; it would need a service too. Who was I kidding? Myself it seems.

My weight gain was a combination of things: age , a dislocated ankle and pure pigginess. But it was only after I started having trouble getting into clothes two sizes larger than normal, that I realised that I really had to do something about it.

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Having watched my partner Katy lose an amazing amount of weight following Good Habits, without seeming to make any effort, I decided that I should give it a go as well.

I had been struggling with my fitness, couldn’t get into old clothes and when I went to buy new jeans the waist measurement was a lot more inches than the leg!

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I started Good Habits in October 2013 and had one on one meetings with Carole for the first 4 weeks. I found this invaluable in the beginning as she ‘Tailor Made’ eating habits and menus specifically for me, I then attended the weekly group meetings. My start weight was 11.5lb. and my goal weight was 10st.

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I have been a Good Habits member for a long time, but in September 2008 I weighed the heaviest I had ever been. I made the decision to lose weight and increase my exercise regime. I was sick and tired of only being able to buy clothes from certain shops that stocked large European sizes. I have been good at disguising my lumps and bumps over the years but I knew I was only kidding myself and I needed to become a healthier weight. With this in mind I also made an appointment to have a Body Fat Analysis consultation with Emma. I discovered my BMI was 27, which was frightening as I was in the “Overweight” category.

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I’ve been meaning to tell you this for some time now. I know that I still have not reached my ideal weight and it is still a struggle for me. However I want to tell you the great things I’ve learnt through Good Habits. We had a session last year that suggested we find a group exercise that we could join. So upon your recommendation, I went around hotels trying out a few classes and finally joined yoga and have been doing that for a year. It’s helped me so much. With my back problems, my period pains and just over all wellness.

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Since I moved to Dubai my lifestyle changed so much, meeting new people all the time, and getting together for drinks going out for dinner etc.I knew I had to change something because my weight was creeping up.

I have tried many weight loss schemes in the past including Weight Watcher’s who I even worked for! Your method and more important your counselling is a winner.

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