Having watched my partner Katy lose an amazing amount of weight following Good Habits, without seeming to make any effort, I decided that I should give it a go as well. I had been struggling with my fitness, couldn’t get into old clothes and when I went to buy new jeans the waist measurement was a lot more inches than the leg!
In the past I have never had a problem with my weight but when I stopped smoking I piled it on and that process seems to have carried on since then. The trouble is that I love food and like a drink, which doesn’t really help when you get over forty.

So, Good Habits – I was dreading it. The funny part is that the hardest thing was to eat all that I was meant to. In the first few weeks I would tell Katy that I couldn’t go to bed yet as I still had five tick boxes to eat before I did. I still struggle to eat everything as I don’t like milk and am too lazy to eat fruit – but you find ways to get around it.

Since April of last year I have lost nearly 28lbs. I no longer think that I am on a diet or following a programme as I now automatically, almost subconsciously, consider what I eat. I now exercise regularly because I got into the habit when I started Good habits. Equally as much, I tend not to drink alcohol during the week as I needed to cut down one way or another.

What I really like about Good Habits is that I don’t have to follow it rigidly. I haven’t wasted a two week effort if I decide to go out and celebrate an occasion and overdose on chips and beer. All it means is that I need to be honest with myself and accept that I probably will have to make it up by being a bit less exuberant in the coming days.

Katy and I got married this April. We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the ceremony and all that went with it. I can honestly say that one of the things that made it even more enjoyable was the fact that I could dance all night, and I didn’t think people were just being polite when they said how good I looked because hell, I was two stone lighter and ten years fitter than I was a year before.

Equally as much Good habits went out the window with all the celebrating. I was dreading getting weighed when I got back to Dubai but because of work I didn’t go to a Good Habits meeting for two weeks after getting back. By the time I did I had actually lost a further 2lbs from before I went to the UK to get married which somewhat amazed me considering the amount I had eaten and drank and the lack of exercise.

Do it, it isn’t a cliché – you do feel better and it is a matter of ending up with a new healthy life style that becomes second nature. If I didn’t enjoy the meetings I wouldn’t bother going but I would still follow the basic principles of Good Habits and I would still lose or maintain the weight I wanted.


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