I have always enjoyed keeping myself slim (though my weight has gone up and down in the past) so I frequently visited weight loss clubs in the U.K. to control my weight which worked really well.

Then I went through a very painful divorce here in Dubai.

But I came out of it determined to be happy and re-build my life but unprepared for the long period of anger and depression ahead of me.

Even worse – through emotional stress – I developed food intolerances and an in-balance of bacteria in my stomach meaning that most of the time I looked like I was 4 months pregnant!

Along with emotional eating this meant a steady weight gain of over 2 stone.

I knew 2 things would help pull me out of my depression & help me regain confidence.

1 – To feel slim and confident in my body

2 – To pay off all of my debt and save some money

But these were the very two things that I didn’t seem to be able to sort out.

I spent thousands of dirhams on a personal trainer / being vegan & eating a raw diet but nothing seemed to work.

Then 2 years after my divorce…

I made the connection between my happiness and not only my weight but my also my stomach health.

Found it much easier to lose weight

Managed to lose about a stone in weight


Things crept back up & my stomach still popped out at the end of every day!

About this time last year…

I was promoted / finally happy again with my job & my new ability to pay off my debt.

All things combined propelled me into a new phase of happiness and self-acceptance / my stomach was flat every day again & I could eat any food I liked without bloating.

I knew now …

I was finally ready to get a grip of my weight as I moved into a new happier and exciting part of my life.

That’s when I joined Good Habits

And I can honestly say..

I couldn’t have made a better choice!

Weekly weigh in’s & support have given me the focus and positivity I needed around weight loss

Its felt effortless to get back to the weight I used to be

Now I have finally reached my target…

I feel a much improved and wiser version of myself

When you have your heart broken

The battle is not with the person who broke your heart but only with yourself

I have dropped the anger / anxiety & self-hatred

Yes – I can finally look in the mirror again and say ‘I approve of myself’


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