The two Emma’s together have success with Good Habits

Why you both decided to join?
Emma P – Having gained approx 21lbs since moving to Dubai in July 2014, I knew I had to do something to get back to a happier and more confident me.
Emma G -I had reached a point where I couldn’t fit into anything in my wardrobe and I was now buying bigger and bigger size clothing and it was starting to affect my confidence.

How much have you both lost to date and in how long?
In total since joining in July 2014, we’ve lost a combined total of 37kgs (81lbs).
Emma P – I reached my goal weight in January 2014 just in time for a friends wedding, and have successfully kept the weight off, whilst still enjoying a treat at the weekends.

Tell us how losing weight together has helped you?
We both feel a lot more confident, our clothes fit a lot better and we look forward to our weekend treats!

Share with us some of the ways you support each other in your day to day lives?
Having the support of someone else on the same journey really helps, as you push each other that little bit harder or encourage each other to go to the gym when maybe you don’t feel like it. You definitely motivate one another when it’s easy to stray.
With most people having such busy lives, it’s so easy to pick up a takeaway or go out for dinner if you haven’t planned what you’re having each day. So it really helps that we cook and prepare it all as much as we can so there is no temptation to deviate.

Do you feel you would have been as successful on your own?
Having someone there to encourage you to keep going, and tell you how well you’re doing is a definitely a boost when sometimes we might not want to get up and go for exercise or might be tempted by that bar of chocolate in the fridge. It’s so easy when you’re doing it alone to go back to old habits. The Support network with the Good Habits meetings really makes it easier to succeed. I also really believe the accountability at the meetings are crucial to our weight loss, they give us tips and ideas that have really helped.
In addition to our weight loss, we also now run our own classes at Good Habits, to inspire others and help others achieve their goals. There really is no better feeling than seeing someone become a healthier and more confident person – you can really see the transformation.

Anything else you would like to add?
Emma P – Good habits isn’t about ‘dieting’. It’s exactly what it says it is ‘Good habits’ you can still have a life and a weekend, but enjoy a healthier lifestyle ?
Emma G – Try not to think of this as a


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