I have been a Good Habits member for a long time, but in September 2008 I weighed the heaviest I had ever been. I made the decision to lose weight and increase my exercise regime. I was sick and tired of only being able to buy clothes from certain shops that stocked large European sizes. I have been good at disguising my lumps and bumps over the years but I knew I was only kidding myself and I needed to become a healthier weight. With this in mind I also made an appointment to have a Body Fat Analysis consultation with Emma. I discovered my BMI was 27, which was frightening as I was in the “Overweight” category.

I have lost 23lbs in weight to reach my goal, and each week I have had a loss of around one to two pounds… a steady weight loss. My BMI is now 23 which is in the “Healthy” range. I fit into size 10 jeans and have bought some lovely new clothes.

I have tried to lose weight with the philosophy of “what can I eat” instead of what am I not allowed! I continued to stay for class every week and even attended a different class and day through the Christmas holidays – something I had never done previously. I lost weight over Christmas which was a first!

I increased my overall fitness by running on a treadmill and managed to run all the way around Safa Park for the first time ever on 21st December. (I sang “I am a Champion” at the top of my voice all the way home!) In January I enrolled in Spinning and Aerobic classes, and have also been seen scaring the gardeners in Safa Park on Monday mornings with lots of other ladies at Kathy’s class.

I feel so much happier at my new weight, my friends have been wonderfully supportive and encouraging. My husband thinks he has a “new wife” and has supported me throughout … he eats all the healthy food I prepare and enjoys trying out my adapted new recipes.

2009 will be my fit and healthy year as I intend to continue Good Habits.


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