I have joined and left slimming clubs in the UK since my son was born in 1989 ( yeh he’s 25 now! )

When I left the UK over 2 years ago and found life in sunny Dubai means showing your flesh off more often on the beach and by the pool, I decided to try a few of the old diets alone !!! Yes at first I succeeded sheading a stone but with no support I soon found the weight gradually returning.

Determined not to go back to the old days I researched on the internet and found Good Habits UAE. I noticed it said healthy eating which I knew was exactly what I needed, something long term. My friend ( Val ) and I joined together on the 18th September. Carole and the group were very welcoming.

It took a while for me to adjust, there was more variety a lot of things I hadn’t eaten for a while, a bit of everything and some fab recipes, but with Carole on hand, my friend Val and some great people I have met at the meetings ( you know who you are girls !! ) I’ve cracked it.

To be honest I’ve had more ups than downs, but again the support from the group and of course my husband has helped me every step of the way. There has been some big changes, I’ve added carbs to my diet, which I love, increased my exercise I’m now doing my 10km run/walk faster than ever and I’ve cut down my alcohol during the week ( not easy I know ! )  I had a plan at Christmas and it worked, my children are grown up and were not around for Christmas so no excuses for sweets, chocolates and naughty snacks around the house. I just wrote down Christmas Eve and Christmas lunch and was straight back on track for Boxing Day!!

I feel fantastic,Thankyou Carole for being the first ever leader to get me to goal !!! I now have a smile on my face when I look in the mirror and try on clothes, walking out of shops with a spring in my step ! My shopping bags are full of clothes now instead of chocolate !!  My tip for other members is keep up the good work, write everything down, turn up every week no matter what, plan ahead and most importantly do it for yourself it’s the best feeling in the world !!!


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