Dear Carole

I’ve been meaning to tell you this for some time now. I know that I still have not reached my ideal weight and it is still a struggle for me. However I want to tell you the great things I’ve learnt through Good Habits. We had a session last year that suggested we find a group exercise that we could join. So upon your recommendation, I went around hotels trying out a few classes and finally joined yoga and have been doing that for a year. It’s helped me so much. With my back problems, my period pains and just over all wellness.

Then you mentioned the Oprah Winfrey book so I’ve been reading a similar one by her trainer called ‘The Best Life Diet’ and it deals with all the emotional stuff that comes with weight gain. It is so great to be aware of all these things, when one has had this as an issue throughout life. What you and Good Habits have made me realize and learn about is positive attitude. Also joining Good Habits opened up wonderful opportunities like the yoga and this book that maybe I would not have experienced otherwise.

Nowadays, I am more interested in understanding reasons behind the weight issue and dealing with it as part of other problems rather than just obsessing about the kilos. For me there’s no point in losing it, if I am going to put it all back again. So I want to make changes in other areas in my life too. Anyway, it’s good to know all this and to know that a part of me is still not ready to let go of the food for comfort. This worries me a little and explains why still I have not reached my goal. Anyhow I will keep going until I crack it!

Once again thank you.



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