A year ago I was still carrying some baby weight and my son was almost a year old…..time to do something about it!

I did a 9 day cleanse which really made me look at my food choices. I decided I needed to start eating more healthily and shift those baby pounds. My friend suggested I tried Good Habits.

The plan worked for me because it is clear and easy to follow. I started to plan my meals using the portion tracker to make sure I didn’t steer off course. Slowly but surely the weight came off. Every week I lost 1-2 pounds. Slow and steady is the best way because then it stays off. I actually lost most of the 9kg in 4 months but it took a few more months to lose those last few pounds!

By June I was fed up with not actually hitting my target so I gave one last push and got to goal, just before the summer holidays. (This summer there was no weight gain!)

The weekly meetings and weigh ins were a great support. We are all accountable to each other and seeing my friends lose weight every week, and not wanting to be the one to not lose was enough to keep me out of the biscuit tin!

Carole is my constant. She has a way with words that makes every meeting enjoyable and informative, and above all we have a laugh!

Losing 9kg has given me back my confidence. I am the same dress size as I was when I got married and wore a bikini on holiday and felt as confident as I used to before I had my babies.

I’ve now had to buy a whole new underwear drawer!


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