Mark joined Good Habits on the 29th January and has now lost over 10 kilos. Mark recently took a short holiday and was determined to apply Good Habits whilst he was a way and not gain weight. He was delighted with a 1.7 kilo loss! If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything you want!

What made you decide to join Good Habits and the one to one programme?
I was looking to lose some weight and was exploring for ideas or groups online. I was drawn to the Good Habits website because, after trying other methods, this program looked to be very sensible and mainstream. I was particularly interested in a quote which said “eat what you like, just do it in smaller portions.”  The idea of finally learning sensible habits that I could implement for the long term, learning how to plan meals and control portions, seemed very attractive to me.

Tell us how you found following the healthy eating plan and tracking the food?
I have found it surprisingly enjoyable and easy. This has been a real lifestyle change for me because, as a single person, I was typically eating out much of the time or grabbing sandwiches on the go. And while that might sound like a great convenience or luxury, I was truly surprised by how more enjoyable it is to eat when you plan ahead and prepare quality meals.

The second thing big surprise for me was how well this has controlled my appetite – normally a big problem for me. My diet was reasonably healthy before but since starting the program I am now adding that extra salad or bowl of veggies with my meal whereas I might not always have done so in the past. Or I am making myself have that piece of fruit in the middle of the day where before I might have skipped it. And so all of a sudden I am not binge eating any more. I am, instead, eating what seems like loads of food throughout the day but the weight is steadily coming off.

The third surprise, and this is perhaps the biggest of all, is just how much better I feel.  You always hear that eating better and getting a bit of exercise will make you feel good and improve your mood but you never believe it.  But it happened for me within the first week. I started finding myself with extra energy at work and in a sunnier mood, and it has stayed with me week after week. I was not even looking for that as a benefit!

How did the weekly one to one sessions help you?
The weekly sessions were right for me because I wanted to get the basic fundamentals before continuing on with group sessions.  By going one to one, I received a good grounding in how to follow the program. The information is really great and I like the fact that it builds on itself week by week. Doing the one to one sessions also gave me a good jump start on weight loss.

Tell us about a couple of the changes you made to your normal routine (ie, cooking yourself rather than going for a reward meal after work, walking daily, planning your food etc)
Planning meals in advance, eating at home more often and, in terms of exercise, moving a lot more. With exercise I used to be all or nothing- either running half marathons or sitting on the couch. So Carole had me start with just walking for 30 minutes every day 7 days a week, and then build more activity onto that.

In the six weeks you lost over 7 kilos what difference has that made on you, tell us some of the benefits to you?
I am thrilled with the weight loss but the biggest change, and one I was not expecting, has been the difference in energy and mood.  Just feeling so much better all the time. It is a great motivation to keep going would be checking in again at the end of the week.

Can you share with us a particular challenge you had and how you overcame this?
The big challenge for me is rewarding myself after a long day or a long week at work- normally by stopping off at a restaurant or pub for meal – and then going overboard. I didn’t think I would ever be able to break that habit. But it was easier when I started tracking all my food. I wanted to keep with the program and keep making progress especially when I knew that I would be checking in again at the end of the week.

Our members love to learn new tips, please share with us a tip that has really worked for you?
The biggest thing, I think, is that accountability really works. If you know you are going to be writing down what you eat, and you know you are going to be weighing in once a week it is a great motivator to try and stay on track.

You have now joined a weekly group meeting, tell us your future goals?
To get down to my goal weight over the next few months and, more importantly, to build in the great new changes I have learned. Really delighted with this program!


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