Nick Roberts lost 40.5KG with Good Habits. He has been working on his weight several years and had in the past lost weight and regained it, so he really understands the issues facing people struggling with this problem.

So Nick, having lost weight before what do you feel is different this time?
I am definitely more focused, I’ve been through ups and downs with weight loss before and I realise how easy it is to slip back into over eating again. I’ve reached a point now where I just need to get rid of my ‘excess baggage.’

What is your motivation?
Of course one should consider the health issue, but also to be honest, I could never find and clothes that fit me and I dreaded seeing photos of myself. I didn’t want to be the person I saw in the mirror.

What was your biggest challenge?
To break the habit of eating fast food and binge eating, quite often it was a quick fix for boredom or stress. Joining the gym and starting to exercise regularly has been a huge challenge as well, and I never thought I’d actually enjoy it.

How do you combat this?
I joined Good Habits, limited myself to one ‘treat day’ a week, joined the gym and got a personal trainer. It also takes a lot of will power, but when you start seeing the results it is its own motivation.

Do you feel that a support system is helpful?
Yes, because there are moments when it is hard particularly when you have a lot of weight to lose, it takes time, and you have ups and downs so having someone to motivate during those  times it great. I’ve found that keeping positive is so important too, especially on weeks when I don’t lose weight.

How do you control your food intake?
I do by weighing my food and controlling portion sizes. This is not as difficult as it sounds as you soon get used to knowing what you can eat.

What difference has this weight loss made to you?
I feel more confident and more at home in my body, and i find myself stepping outside my comfort zone a lot more often. The change inside me has been the biggest surprise of my weight loss journey.

What is your goal?
I have a goal weight to reach and maintain, and I want to keep going with my personal trainer to stay in shape. It takes time for the brain to catch up with how you view yourself when you have lost a large amount of weight. My biggest goal at the moment is to lose 100lbs by Christmas

“I feel more confident and more at home in my body, and I find myself stepping outside my comfort zone a lot more often


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