I was not going to be fat and frumpy, I was going to be fit and fabulous. Immediately after the celebrations, I joined Good Habits. I weighed in at 9st 10lbs, signed up for the SuperSaver to show commitment and threw myself into the plan. 8 weeks later I reached my target of 8st 10lbs, a loss of 14lbs – and I have never looked back since.

As well as changing my eating habits, I began exercising with a vengeance. I did a mixture of cardio classes and personal training – my shape has changed dramatically, a loss of 2 dress sizes! I’ve since taken up running with my first ever 10k race during the Dubai Marathon in January 2007 and my first half Marathon (21.1k) just this month – something I could never have done 3 years ago!

I have managed to maintain my target weight now for 3 years. I continued to attend meetings, even when I reached goal weight, as I found the group support network essential, but I also enjoyed the social aspect of the meetings and the tips picked up. Earlier this year I was asked if I would like to train as a leader and I now run 4 of my own classes for Good Habits!

The plan is so flexible, not at all restrictive or depriving, and above all is healthy and enjoyable. I’ve finally discovered the only successful way to permanently lose, and maintain, weight is by sensible, healthy eating. The best thing about losing the weight is that I feel so good about myself, both inside and out, and for once I feel I have control of my body. Good Habits has helped me change my attitude towards food and my health. I am in control of my diet, I can maintain my weight, I’m fitter and healthier than ever – what more could I ask for?


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