On average, we eat way too much at meal times, and often our snacks are supersized. Try these tricks to help get your portions in check the next time you sit down to eat

Since portion sizes have grown astronomically in recent years to super-sized proportions, it’s good to remind yourself what actual serving sizes are supposed to look like.  90g of meat = deck of cards

  • 90g of meat = deck of cards
  • Baked potato = computer mouse
  • Fruit = tennis ball
  • Bagel = hockey puck
  • 1/2 cup chips, popcorn, pretzels, etc. = teacup
  • Rice or other cooked grain = cupcake wrapper
  • 30g cheese = tube of lipstick
  • 30g  nuts = egg
  • Pasta = light bulb

30g of cheese, half a cup of popcorn, one cup of cereal — it’s good to know what healthy portion sizes are, but just eyeballing them doesn’t cut it. If you’re constantly overestimating, that equals a lot of unnecessary calories. So measure everything using  measuring cups, spoons and a food scale.

The bigger the plate, the more food you’re likely to put on it. Instead of using huge dinner plates, mega soup or salad bowls, and enormous glasses, use smaller salad plates, shallow soup bowls, and short glasses for your food needs. Eating with a small spoon rather than a large soup spoon will help you eat more slowly and savour your meal.

When you’re feeling hungry, I’m sure you can relate to heading into the kitchen, grabbing the first box or bag that appeals to you, opening it up, and chomping away. You think, “I’m just going to have a little,” but delving into the bottomless pit of food makes you more likely to consume a much larger portion size. Instead of eating straight out of the packet, pour out a serving into a bowl or plate and put the box or bag away.

When eating out, we tend to receive enormous portion sizes that are way too much for a single person. Instead of being tempted by the entire plate full of food, ask for a takeout container when you get your meal, so you can put half of it away. The same goes for eating at home. Serve yourself a portion, then put the rest in the fridge. Out of sight, not in mouth out of mind.


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