It’s that time of the year when the weather is perfect and the visitors start to arrive in their droves. Lovely to see them but do their visits play havoc on your waistline?

Here are Carole’s easy tips to stay on track, have a lovely time but not gain weight. Planning is the key to success! Have a plan of what you are going to eat, which restaurants you will visit and activities that you can all enjoy.

  • Talk to your visitors before they arrive and find out what they want from their holiday. Do they want to relax, see lots, eat in or out, start to form a game plan that will keep everyone happy and healthy.
  • Visitors often like to bring food gifts. Ask them to bring only healthy gifts, a suitcase full of chocolates is not going to help.
  • Get organized and cook several meals and freeze before your guests arrive. This will leave you more time with your guests and ensure that you have healthy food ready.
  • Keep to your normal routine as much as you can. If you normally go for a morning walk before work, keep with this; don’t stop just because you have visitors. You could encourage them to join you. If you normally have healthy cereals for breakfast just continue – don’t change to high fat croissants or fry ups!
  • Look for opportunities to keep active. Plan to walk as much as you can: visit water parks, include activity within your plans for your visitors.
  • Don’t buy in loads of Unhealthy food for your visitors.  You don’t need it and they don’t want to return home from their holidays 3 kilos heavier. Instead make healthy choices such as veg crudités and a low fat dip instead of fatty crisps. Include lots of fruits and vegetables and healthy proteins and fibre foods within your meal plans.
  • Let your visitors sample all the healthy foods that are available in Dubai, such as the abundance of fish and fresh local veggies and fruits. BBQ and alfresco dining is often a treat for visitors and can be delicious and healthy.
  • Plan your eating out carefully visit restaurants that have a good choice of healthy foods. Visitors love to enjoy local foods that are different from what they eat at home. McDonald’s is worldwide but a healthy shawarma is something unique to this region and a much healthier choice of fast food.
  • Let your visitors spend time on their own. Organise a day on the big bus or a desert safari, you get to catch up and spend some time to yourself and they are entertained. After all there are only so many times you can enjoy desert safari if you have had loads of visitors over the years.
  • Don’t try to be superman/woman. Delegate and get as much help and support as you can. Otherwise you become overtired and resentful and end up giving in and eating and drinking things you wished you hadn’t.
  • If all your good intentions go out of the window, just get back on track as soon as your visitors have gone. Stock up on healthy foods and those excess pounds will soon be gone.


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